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Life of children under Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Exhibition from the Monarchy exhibition series

13. 12. 2012–29. 9. 2013 / Location: National Museum’s new building, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

The exhibition Life of children under Emperor Franz Joseph I. focuses on all aspects of the childhood age at the end of the Habsburg monarchy, especially on games and toys, child care or school attendance. To achieve the objectivity and integrity of the topic, the exhibition does not show only the idyllic childhood, but it also introduces to visitors problems of the then children, families and society in general.

Our ancestors understood childhood as an important period of human life, the treatment of children was a faithful picture of the development of the society. Especially the second half of the 19th century is the period when children ceased to be regarded as "little adults" and the education began to respect the specifics of the childhood.

At the exhibition you will find:

  • Exhibits – have a look at over 400 exhibits relating to the reign of the Emperors Francis Joseph I. and Charles I.
  • Texts, images and photos – get lots of interesting information from text and image panels concerning the topics of  "birth and baptism, child care, education, toys and games, health, school, celebrations, child labour," etc.
  • Dioramas and figurines – let yourself be drawn into the atmosphere of the monarchy through figurines and dioramas showing a place for a woman in travail, a children´s room or a classroom
  • Activating elements – try with your own hands some toys like a magic lantern or throwing rings, change and dress a baby into contemporary clothes or experience how strenuous the household chores were for children
  • Game – immerse yourself in the times of the Emperor and see whether you would prefer to be a child in the family of a noble, burgher, peasant or a labourer
  • Projection – relax with the projection of Karafiát´s Fireflies (favourite book illustrations)
  • Children's corner – let yourselves to be carried away by your imagination and focus on fine art activities or play the puppet theatre
  • Multimedia guide – let yourselves to be guided through the exhibition by a multimedia guide with additional texts, images and photos
  • Worksheets for schools – collect worksheets for elementary schools at the entrance to the exhibition and test your knowledge gained at the exhibition
  • Themed weekends – bring the whole family for themed weekends and experience at least one day in the atmosphere before the World War I.
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