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Exhibition from the Monarchy exhibition series.

5.10.2012-30.9.2013 / Location: Ethnographical Museum – Musaion, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, Praha 5

The exhibition presents the phenomenon of gastronomy – preparation, seasoning and consumption of food and beverages during the second half of the 19th century, with special emphasis on banqueting habits, table arrangement and dining rooms decoration and tableware – and of course dozens of period recipes.

Regrettably, foodstuff eaten a long time ago cannot be displayed anymore; therefore, the focus of the exhibition is to show the material testimony of the contemporary gastronomy such as dining table sets, cutlery, table linen, kitchen utensils, containers for storing food and beverages, and models of real eatables.

The exhibition introduces both the alimentation of rural people as well as of the broadest social classes of the monarchy and the bourgeoisie and aristocracy. Visitors will be able to admire the splendid dining of the nobility of the Czech lands, especially of the Kinsky family in the authentic neo-classical Kinsky summerhouse, in contrast to the simple food of ordinary rural people, who constituted the vast majority of the population. The exhibition will also present the alimentation of rich peasant social classes including its ritual dimension and, in the context of changing seasons, festive and ceremonial meals, as well as the development of thermal preparation of food – from the hearth  kitchen to a modern kitchen stove. Naturally, objects connected with the most important personality of the traditional Czech cuisine, Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, cannot be omitted.

What will you see at the exhibition:

  • Traditional Czech countryside alimentation with the original equipment of so called "holy corner"
  • Diorama of a traditional pig slaughter feast inclusive authentic butcher tools
  • Alimentation of workers at the turn of 19th and 20 centuries, including a period menu of the period
  • Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils of all social classes of the monarchy
  • Development of the thermal preparation of dishes from the hearth kitchen, to the oven and further on to the gas stove
  • Dining salon of a noble family in the authentic environment of the Kinsky summerhouse
  • Paper model of the Kinsky summerhouse made by Antonín Langweil
  • Originals cookbooks and utensils belonging to Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová

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