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Monarchy exhibition series

Are you interested in how people lived during the reign of the Emperor?

For the season 2012-2013 the Nation Museum prepared an exhibition cycle called the Monarchy.

Within the broad time period concerned, the period of the reign of Franz Joseph I. is accentuated, i.e. the years between 1848 and 1916, which were characterized by tumultuous changes in economic, social and political spheres.

Discover with us the life of the Monarchy – both public and private, mythical and the real one, in a castle, town and village.

Visit the National Museum exhibitions from the Monarchy exhibition series:

The Monarchy
National Museum’s new building

Life of children under Emperor Franz Joseph I.
National Museum’s new building

Ethnographical Museum – Musaion

Magical Music Machines
Czech Museum of Music

19th century people in photos
National Museum’s new building

Tracing Karl May
Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures

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