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19th century people in photos

Exhibition from the Monarchy exhibition series.

13. 12. 2012 – 29. 9. 2013 / Location: National Museum’s new building, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

Photography, as a seemingly authentic depiction of a reality, has existed for 185 years, which is a very short period of time in comparison with the art of painting or graphics. Yet, it has a cardinal impact on our ability to perceive.

The invention of photography significantly influenced visual arts as early as in the 19th century, and, in the first free decades of the 20th century, it opened the door for avant-garde to enter the world of visual arts.

The exhibition “19th century people in photos” focuses on capturing everyday life in the 19th century. The time period covers the years from 1848 through 1918. The displayed photographs depict moments from the field of the culture, sports or travelling. Due attention is also paid to the photos documenting unusual situations and festivities.

The main themes of the exhibition are:

  • History and evolution of photography and photographic techniques in the 19th century
  • Ateliers and portrait photography
  • Leisure time

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